Welcome to San Diego Cotillion Dance Academy
San Diego Cotillion Dance Academy...
is in full swing with our Winter 2016 Session at our new location in Liberty Station!  Time to register for Social/Business Etiquette and Ballroom Dancing!
With our new location secured, we are quickly moving towards our Winter Session beginning January 6th.  We are really excited to entertain classes in the beautiful "White Box" for all of our themed dances and regular class preparation.  Each week students will engage etiquette practices with one another while learning to dance proper ballroom dances.   PLEASE MAIL YOUR REGISTRATION THROUGH OUR REGULAR REGISTRATION PROCESS By downloading the application and filling it out completely.  Send in with a $75 (non-refundable deposit) to hold your space and final payment will be due by November 30th. 
All gift certificates must be mailed in with Application in order to hold and be fully registered, as that is deposit and payment.


Spring 2016 schedule is accepting applications with full payment through March 23rd and will go from April 18th ending until our Spring Formal in June.   Avoid being pushed to Fall 2016 by getting your application and $75 fee (towards tuition) in early. 

We will not be accepting applications for the 2016 Fall Cotillion Class until June of 2016.  Invitations will start arriving the 3rd week in August.  The Fall Session will go from October thru December, ending with our Winter Formal.  Space is always limited so please send in your application to be processed. 
Social and Business Etiquette Practices are the cornerstone to an engaging and fulfilling life from youth to adult.  Each ten week session is broken-up into mini etiquette lessons and ballroom dancing.  Grades 3rd-6th study together, as do 7th-12th, leading to Senior Commencement and Formal Introduction into Society.  The stages are based on ability and achievement.  The younger students learn the importance of a handshake, eye contact, public speaking and both formal and informal introductions for social skills.  They also learn dining etiquette, table etiquette. The repetition of using their manners and etiquette, session after session and year after year, allows them to perfect them into adulthood.  Students are expected to participate fully and with everyone in their class.  Building future society members with social graces is our goal.

Ballroom Dancing gives everyone a chance to learn to be respected while respecting others.  Everyone learns the Waltz, the Tango, the Swing, the Rumba and is introduced to a surprise dance each new session, like dancing Salsa or Country 2-Step, or learning the Cha Cha and Foxtrot.  The dances in common will get better with each course finish.  The comfort level of asking someone to dance and accepting the offer of a dance will become second nature and build self-confidence.  Their manners and etiquette will show in other areas of their lives while learning how to dance.  We are often told of the difference the socializing and dancing has made in our student's academics, along with their new willingness to take part in classroom discussions and presentations, by both their regular teachers and parents.

The older groups begin with the same skills building sets, Proper etiquette, dining etiquette, and ballroom dancing lessons, but are moved more rapidly and much more in depth.  They not only learn how to dance and table etiquette, but they are introduced to business etiquette, as well. Those interested in being presented formally will be required to do a number of volunteer hours in different community projects, write an essay on the importance of being presented to society along with their future goals and the what role they will play in their community as an adult.  Scholarship money for college is something we hope to build for the students who chose to go through the Academy and take part in all of our sessions.

Each summer, in July, we will hold an annual Cotillion Ball for all ages to attend and practice all of the skills they have learned in the previous sessions to stay on point.  We encourage family members to attend cotillion dance studies within their own age group, but we want families, especially siblings, to come together for the summer ball and cotillion dances.  Parents who are interested in signing up to be chaperones should note that on their child's application.  We ask that we have at least two parent chaperones per session dance, and a minimum of five for the summer balls.
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